Must Have Tactical Rifle Equipment

When it comes to tactical home defense equipment there are a lot of restrictions in place, and dependent on what county you live I there are some serious restrictions to contend with. For example, the very popular AR 15 rifle is banned in Cook County, including Chicago.

But for those of us that do not live in that particular county we can enjoy a very reliable and reasonably priced weapon that is great for home defense and even hunting.

hunter imageThe great thing about the AR 15 is that it can be added to and extended with a huge amount of equipment. Everything from the barrel, to stock, to cartridge feeder and mounted flashlight or red dot scopes can be easily added.

My favorite piece of equipment is the dual function scope and flashlight or laser pointer mount. For close range home defense this is really a piece you do not want to be without. While I have yet to decide whether I prefer mounting a flash light or laser pointer I do like the fact that I can mount one of these along with my scope.

When it comes to scopes there are tons to choose from and there models for every possible budget. You really do not need to spend a huge amount to improve your home defense, as you will not require long-range zoom lenses, which are expensive. For me the best scope for ar 15 rifles is the Barska Cross Dot, which I have now owned for about 2 years. It is versatile, very light and easy to use. It has been knocked around a lot and even come on hunting trips.

The downside is that it doesn’t have any magnification, which makes it less suitable for hunting, unless you are a great shot even without powerful optics. If you plan to shoot rabbits and squirrels or birds from long distances, this scope will not really do the job. But, for tactical purposes I simply cannot recommend it enough.

It is a bit more difficult to get something that will truly suit hunting and home defense. You will want to get something that has a minimum zoom of 2 or 3 x and maybe go up as far as 6 or 9x. The reason for this is that at 2 x you can still use the scope for close range situations.

Longer ranges for most hunting will be covered up to 9 x max. Anything above that will mean that the optics become quite large and the field of view small. This is counter to what you need for home defense.

There are some superb rifle scope options available that will make hunting so much easier, especially in a survival situation. If your budget can stretch it then you can aleays do what I do. I have one AR15 for home defense with the Barska scope and a second AR for hunting which has a long-range focal length with some sensational clear optics.

These are the two best options and personally I like the latter one best. Having designated rifles for different uses is the best set up but it will cost you a bit more.

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