Must Have Tactical Rifle Equipment

When it comes to tactical home defense equipment there are a lot of restrictions in place, and dependent on what county you live I there are some serious restrictions to contend with. For example, the very popular AR 15 rifle is banned in Cook County, including Chicago.

But for those of us that do not live in that particular county we can enjoy a very reliable and reasonably priced weapon that is great for home defense and even hunting.

hunter imageThe great thing about the AR 15 is that it can be added to and extended with a huge amount of equipment. Everything from the barrel, to stock, to cartridge feeder and mounted flashlight or red dot scopes can be easily added.

My favorite piece of equipment is the dual function scope and flashlight or laser pointer mount. For close range home defense this is really a piece you do not want to be without. While I have yet to decide whether I prefer mounting a flash light or laser pointer I do like the fact that I can mount one of these along with my scope.

When it comes to scopes there are tons to choose from and there models for every possible budget. You really do not need to spend a huge amount to improve your home defense, as you will not require long-range zoom lenses, which are expensive. For me the best scope for ar 15 rifles is the Barska Cross Dot, which I have now owned for about 2 years. It is versatile, very light and easy to use. It has been knocked around a lot and even come on hunting trips.

The downside is that it doesn’t have any magnification, which makes it less suitable for hunting, unless you are a great shot even without powerful optics. If you plan to shoot rabbits and squirrels or birds from long distances, this scope will not really do the job. But, for tactical purposes I simply cannot recommend it enough.

It is a bit more difficult to get something that will truly suit hunting and home defense. You will want to get something that has a minimum zoom of 2 or 3 x and maybe go up as far as 6 or 9x. The reason for this is that at 2 x you can still use the scope for close range situations.

Longer ranges for most hunting will be covered up to 9 x max. Anything above that will mean that the optics become quite large and the field of view small. This is counter to what you need for home defense.

There are some superb rifle scope options available that will make hunting so much easier, especially in a survival situation. If your budget can stretch it then you can aleays do what I do. I have one AR15 for home defense with the Barska scope and a second AR for hunting which has a long-range focal length with some sensational clear optics.

These are the two best options and personally I like the latter one best. Having designated rifles for different uses is the best set up but it will cost you a bit more.

Keep Guns Safe At Home

Safe Handling And Storage Of Firearms


Sometimes in just a few seconds a child finds a loaded gun in the house and accidentally shoots his playmate. A domestic dispute turns to tragedy when one of the spouses, enraged, grabs a rifle. In a split second, a distraught father decides to commit suicide and take his family with him to death.

Most murders committed by a bullet in the residential home are using a loaded gun, unlocked, which was on the scene. A sad and implacable reality that recalls the need to establish best practices for handling and storage of firearms.

There may not be much to do against the intentional use of a firearm, but many injuries and deaths could be avoided if the owners handled and stored their weapons responsibly.

We believe that the number of deaths caused by firearms may decline if the owners simply thought to unload their weapons and put them under lock and key. “Deaths and injuries from firearms, the majority of which occur in the home, can be avoided. Hence the importance to store weapons safely.

Any failure in this regard poses serious dangers, particularly to children. Deaths and accidents in this segment of the population is among the most preventable. “The gun owners need to ensure that children can not in any case have access to their weapons. By watching TV and playing video games, children come to regard the weapons as toys. Although we learned the respect of arms, a child may be unaware that the gun that belongs to the family is not discharged any time.

Often, people are believe in the following equation: armed violence = urban violence and gang violence. However, statistics show that most injuries and deaths occur actually at home. According to a conservative estimate, at least one in eight households has a firearm in Canada and it is higher in the US.

The use of firearms in domestic violence cases decreased by fifty percent between 1997 and 2006. However, according to Statistics, thirty percent of female victims of domestic homicide die from injuries caused by a weapon fire.

Many deaths and injuries occur in rural areas, where guns are used for hunting, sport and wildlife control. If they cause few deaths, however accidental shootings are the source of a significant number of serious injuries. It is estimated that for every person killed by gunshot, 2.6 people are injured, many seriously. According to a survey conducted across the country, the average length of stay in hospital for gunshot wounds is 17.7 days.

The number of suicides by firearms is very worrying, especially in indigenous communities, where hunting is a way of life. The presence of firearms in the home increases the risk, especially if the weapons are left to everyone.

What you can do

Gun owners should be reminded of the importance of the security of their families and friends in their own hands. This is why we offer important advice to ensure the safety of their homes.

Unload and lock your firearms

  • Make sure your firefarms are unloaded at all times when stored.
  • Lock your arms in a cabinet, safe or room built or modified specifically for the safe storage of firearms. Make sure the structure can not be broke into easily.
  • Attach a secure locking device, such as a weapon or security cable lock (or remove the bolt) so as to make the gun inoperable.
  • Store ammunition in a separate location or in a locked container. Although you can store them in the same container as the firearm, they must be locked separately. Again, make sure the container is difficult to brake open or into.
  • Children should not have access to the keys for locking firearms and ammunition. Keep these keys at any time in a secure and safe place.
  • Teach children that they should not handle firearms without supervision.




In the general media hysteria over mass shootings there is no shortage of bad ideas and reactionary solutions that would never have stopped the specific incidence int he first place. We have come to tune out that noise as much as is possible, but sometimes people come up with great solutions.

This video was brought to our attention a while back and we want to share it here with you. It is rare that such common sense is spoken and made public and we hope that you share it as well. Let us know if you find other such videos especially ones that are starting to go viral.


Secure Your Weapons In Gun Safes

Store your gun in a safe place at home

gun safes

A child playing with a loaded gun and accidentally shooting a playmate is the worst nightmare of any parent. About three percent of firearm deaths are accidental, many of the victims being children, hunters and sport shooters. In 100 cases involving children, the firearm in question belonged to a family member, a relative, friend or parent of a friend.

The best way to protect children from accidental shootings is unloaded firearms and store them in a safe place when not used. Use a steel cabinet that can be locked, a key box or vault designed for this purpose and store in a safe place the access key to weapons and ammunition.

Most accidental deaths and injuries at home are self-inflicted bullet or associated with marital problems. In fact, most injuries or firearm deaths occur in the home or around it.

In many places, especially rural areas, possession of firearms is relatively common. Rifles are kept at home and are used for hunting, as a sport or to protect livestock and crops. These injuries and deaths associated with firearms, which in most cases are not reported by the press, are more likely to occur in rural than urban areas.

Hunting and gathering are part of our way of life and will continue to be for generations to come for many rural living people and so is gun ownership. For the most part people are very responsible and most accidents that occur are because of negligence by the owners. Preventing such situations is very simple with some common sense or a simple gun ownership safety course.

“Since the time of traditional bow and arrows until guns today, people in various communities must always safely use these hunting tools and put them in a safe place. The majority of firearm owners use to hunt, to shoot at the target, as a sport or as a collector’s item. Most gun owners have rifles or shotguns and they are used for both hunting and protection.


Tips for storing your guns in a safe place at home

Always unload your firearm when storing them.

Lock your guns in a cabinet, a vault or room that was built or remodeled specifically to store firearms safely. Make sure it is difficult to force the chosen structure.

Attach a secure locking device, such as a weapon or a security cable lock (or remove the bolt) so as to make the gun inoperable.

Store ammunition separately and lock the container. You can store them in the same container as the firearm, but there should be locked separately. Again, make it difficult to force.

Children should not have access to the key used to lock the firearms and ammunition.Always store them in a safe place.

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